From the new off road driver to the seasoned wheeler, Rausch Creek Adventure's 101 class has something for everyone. Learn what you as the driver and your vehicle can truly do off road.

Advanced Driving Course (201)

Ready to tackle more advanced driving techniques? This class is perfect for those who have a solid off road driving foundation and ready to take the next step in learning what their vehicle can do.

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Rausch Creek Off Road Park, located in Tremont, Pennsylvania has been a dedicated off road park for 4x4 and SUV's since 2003. With 3,000 acres, the park has a multilevel trail system in place. From our green trails that are perfect for stock vehicles to our red trails that are considered some of the most challenging in the country, Rausch Creek Off Road Park offers a unique off road driving experience.

Rausch Creek Off Road Park has introduced training classes that provide drivers with a strong, off road driving foundation. The goal of these classes is to show drivers how to drive their vehicles to the fullest potential and  how avoid damaging anything.

Don't have a 4x4 or SUV? We offer slightly modified Jeep Cherokees to rent so that  you to can experience Rausch Creek Off Road Park.

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Beginner Driving Course (101)