Beginner Off Road Driving Instruction (101)
This is a behind the wheel beginners instructional course.  Learn how to drive your vehicle off road from a well educated and seasoned professional trainer.  Students see how the features of their vehicle work and how different vehicles handle terrains differently.  You will drive through wash outs, up and down hills, mud, rocks, scenic trails, and much more, and all with out damaging your vehicle.  This class is designed around the stock to slightly modified vehicle or the person wanting to learn how to use the vehicle the way it is. Go to web store to book a date.

Advanced Off Road Driving Instruction (201)

This is a advanced off road training class.  Students learn behind the wheel training in obstacle navigation, spotting, recovery, tackling advanced terrain, and much more.  Put you and your vehicle to the true test.  All vehicles from stock to built may attend.  You will have a true appreciation for your vehicle at the end of this class and all with out damaging it.  Go to web store to book a date.

Winch and Recovery Instruction
Have a winch or planning on getting one?  Learn how to use it to its full SAFE usage.  Also included in this class is recovery gear usage and hi lift training.  Hi lift jacks can be used for many things besides a jack, learn how. This is a 5hr class.  Stock vehicles can be used for class and you do not need a winch to attend.  Feel free to use our gear to learn.

Guided Rides
Want to explore Rausch Creek Off Road park but don't know your way around?  Well hire one of our experienced guides to show you around.  Show up with your 4x4/suv at the time you would like and have a day of trail riding catered to your liking.  Park fees apply and are additional.  Guide rate is $150.


Hi Kyle,
Thank you for such an awesome day 4wheeling. The class was great. I had no idea what to expect and was impressed by how you ran the class. I thought it was great, learning the do's and dont's in the field.  All the obstacles were beyond anything I would have ever tried I my own. Out of all the obstacles, the hill climb was the most challenging and the most exciting. My duaghter loved being a passenger and the last mud spot was the icing on the cake. I made sure that the mud was kicked up unto her side of the truck and she loved it. We left there thinking we could go where ever we wanted because of what we had tackled. Thanks again for a great time and We will definitely be back!
PS, we were in the Tacoma w/ladder rack & tool boxes.--
All the Best,
 Steve Willsey

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